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Parents are homeschoolers, too

Any teacher will tell you that they need to stay connected to the things they love to learn about in order to teach well. That is where we find our enthusiasm, our fun, our motivation. Great teaching comes from this place. And while it is impossible to always feel inspired, it is more likely that you will enjoy teaching your child if you feel like you are learning, too.

Since we are all home doing some version of "schooling" together now, this is the chance for us to grow in our knowledge alongside of our children. Taking a moment to find one thing a day that we want to know more about, or to remember and talk to our kids about will help create a vibrant learning environment.

It is important for our kids to know that we are students, too. That there are things we don't know and that we want to find out more about. Maybe this could be the moment that inspires our kids to learn more about that one thing, right alongside of us.


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