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Why a toy and book rotation is more important than ever

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

During this time of indoor living (and parenting) it is crucial to maximize every screen-free resource available. We already have many of these learning tools in our homes: puzzles, books, toys, building kits and craft materials. Try taking everything out of sight that may be sitting around like a piece of old furniture in your family spaces. Over time, your kids stop seeing (and appreciating) the things that are always in view.

Since we can't go to our beloved local libraries, it's vital to make our own little home libraries seem fresh and interesting if our kids are going to read anything that is not on a screen. Taking away books and only leaving a few on hand that have the most potential to interest your little customer might result in a return to the sound of (paper) pages turning.

After clearing away unused toys, games and building materials for a while, re-introduce a couple at a time to see if it catches your child's attention. Sometimes sitting down with a puzzle or game yourself and seeming very interested can work better than asking if they would like to play with that item.

At the very least, as a result of this experiment you will have cut down on clutter and objects gathering dust in your living space. And your kids just might learn to value their belongings a little more than before.


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