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Home Learning Coach
Hillary Einboden

Hillary studied at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge before taking on the role of middle school English teacher at the UK's historic King's Ely School (founded in 970 AD) in 2003.  She became known as the teacher who brought joy and enthusiasm to the classroom every day, inspiring students to fall in love with reading and writing.  

Moving to the U.S. in 2006, Hillary became a literacy coach and gifted education coordinator for students in grades  4-12.  Working as an instructional coach led her to become a sought-after professional development presenter and literacy consultant, training thousands of teachers in reading and writing instructional strategies.  

After becoming a mother in 2011, she saw firsthand how authentic, individualized learning happens every day in the home.  She became convinced that the most effective way to motivate students is by identifying their unique gifts and tailoring instruction to their strengths, building confidence and enjoyment along the way.  This approach is at the heart of each Open Book tutoring session, ensuring that every student has the chance to grow their vital reading and writing skills for life.

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