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1:1 Zoom Tutoring

Each Zoom tutoring session is completely tailored to the unique learning style and educational needs of your child.  Our classes offer time on each core element of Language Arts:

1).  Reading (fluency): we'll read texts that are a comfortable challenge for your child, setting them up for success while supporting them as they progress to the next level.

2).  Reading (comprehension): we'll discuss text and ask your child to identify the key elements of its structure, focusing on what the text says on a literal level, as well as their interpretation of the text.

3).  Writing: we'll target the specific needs of your child as a writer.  Areas of focus may include spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and adding detail.  Our approach will ensure that students build confidence as writers and grow their skills, motivation and enjoyment of the writing process.

4). Speaking & Listening: our work will ensure that these vital communication skills are developed and strengthened in each class.  Sessions will also ensure that students are building their ability to focus on detailed instructions and on sustaining their attention to academic practice.

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