Home Learning Tele-coaching

In our 50 minute tele-coaching sessions we will discuss the 4 simple steps to successful home learning:

1).  Daily schedules that

      maximize learning and 

      minimize screen-time

2).  Individualized home 

      learning plans for each child

3).  Motivating your child and

      enhancing their ability to

      focus on home learning

4).  Targeted home-based

      activities that nurture their

      creativity and invention

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Individualized Learning Plan

Following our phone session, we will create your child's detailed, individualized home learning plan:

1).  Outline targeted reading

      recommendations, including

      audio and online companion texts

2).  Design writing games and activities

      aligned with your child's unique 

      interests and talents

3).  Recommend appropriate Math, 

      Science and Social Studies games

      and resources

 Contact us for a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation