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A question a day helps build a home learning culture

New to homeschooling or simply looking for ways to enrich home learning for your kids? Try a simple routine that can become as automatic as brushing teeth before bed and will truly enhance the “health” of your family’s home learning culture.

Every morning we ask a “Question of the Day” that is on our minds and that we want to find out more about. We write it down and post it in a visible spot in our home that we can refer to at meal times. Older kids can research the question on their own and report back to the family about their findings - a perfect way to build confidence as they become the resident expert on that topic!

This simple routine is a great way to reassure parents who are new to teaching their children at home. It is one tangible “product” that reminds everyone that learning is truly happening every day - and although small, it is little moments like these that help build a home where families ask questions, discuss ideas and learn together.


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