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Now is the time to create new routines

Stuck inside and new to homeschooling? This is your chance to make the changes you have always wanted to make to your family's routines and rituals.

One thing you might have more flexibility and time for now is bedtime reading. All parents know that rushed night-time feeling during the school year, trying to get your child to bed so that they can sleep enough to function well the next day in class. Now that school is happening at home, you can build in more time to your new routine for the things that used to feel rushed.

Tip: try to start your child's bedtime routine a little earlier than usual. This will be your built-in one-on-one reading for the day, especially necessary for parents who are working from home. You can plan to enjoy an extra book with your child, knowing that this is part of their overall homeschooling day!


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