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The best part of their day? When they made something by hand

Now that children are spending more time indoors and learning onscreen, it is more important than ever to remember their innate need to create things by hand. To imagine, to craft, to problem-solve, to feel pride in their accomplishments. One act of making something of their own just might be the learning moment they remember most at the end of the day.

Simple is best here. Try:

  • Paper airplanes - different designs to see which flies the farthest.

  • Cardboard boxes - little cozy beds for dolls or stuffed animals.

  • Empty jars - perfect to decorate for homeschooling writing and art materials.

  • Paper towel rolls: cut in half and taped together to create ramps for toy cars.

Simply provide your child with a few basic materials and then step back. Letting them create something truly their own - without too many rules and instructions - is what great teaching is all about.


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