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A living-room treasure hunt got us Reading & Writing

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Here is the step-by-step process to get your kids moving and make reading and writing fun:

1) Cut paper into squares. I used 8 squares for each treasure hunt.

2) Write a different word on each square - put together, these words make a very detailed sentence.

3) Hide the words in your home. Spread them out as much as you like!

4) The kids search for the words and then when all are gathered up, they lay them out and then use them to create a complete sentence.

5) For early-readers: put words on the cards they might be able to sound out (e.g. on, in, up, to, pop). Their game is simply to find all the cards and then try to read them. If you have an older child, have them write the cards for their younger sibling.

Get them moving while Reading & Writing!



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