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Audiobooks: an antidote to screen-based reading

Worried that your child is spending too much time reading off of a screen? Combat the glare of digital text with the integration of audiobooks into your daily routines.

Many families can stream free audiobooks via their local library websites with apps like Libby. Another great option is the free service now offered by Audible during the school closures:

Tips for incorporating audiobooks into your daily life:

  • At the start, choose a book or series your child is familiar with so it is less effort for them to comprehend as they listen.

  • Try streaming a book in the background while they are having a snack or playing.

  • Audiobooks can help kids stay on task while completing homeschool work, especially if it involves drawing.

  • Some kids love listening to books while falling asleep at night.

Once you have downloaded the title, try streaming through a bluetooth speaker or a bluetooth stereo. This limits access to devices and allows them to focus more as they listen to the narrator's voice.

See: for a list of our favorite K-5 audiobooks in a series.


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